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Gregory Tobiszowski

Secretary of State, Ministry of Energy. Poland

On December 1, 2015. Prime Minister appointed Gregory Tobiszowski Secretary of State in the Ministry of Energy. From 23 February 2016б he is also fully in the position of the Government Plenipotentiary for restructuring of coal mining.

He was born on 1 November 1965 in Ruda Slaska. Completed sociology and economics at the Catholic University of Lublin John Paul II and the management and marketing at the Polish Academy of Sciences (postgraduate). In 1997 he began doctoral studies at the Catholic University of Lublin of public finances. Currently, he complements his knowledge from MBA / Master in Business Administration / at the University of Preston in the UK.

He began his career in 1993 working in Zabrze Mining Machinery Factory "Contact Powen." In 1994-1995 he worked in Bank Slaski as an inspector in the department of credit. In 1994-2002, he served on the city council Ruda Slaska. In the period 1994-1998 he was also a delegate to the regional council.

Since 1995 until 2000, he was Vice President of Development of Ruda Slaska. He was the principal author of the first in the region long-term development strategy. In 1995, he was a member of the Upper Silesia. In 2002, he was appointed President of the Upper Silesian Regional Development Agency in Katowice.

Law and Justice politician, Member of Parliament V, VI, VII and VIII term. For two terms, he served as vice-president of the club of Law and Justice. In the parliamentary work, in particular, he was involved in the economic affairs of Silesia (mining, energy), and the cooperative development of small and medium enterprises. Over the past five years, he has been Plenipotentiary of Law and Justice in the Katowice district.