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Michael Borrell

Senior Vice-President, Europe and Central Asia, TOTAL Exploration and Production

Michael Borrell, a graduate of the Cambridge University in Chemical Engineering (MSc 1993, BA 1984), joined TOTAL in 1985. He has worked with its affiliate companies and has held senior managerial positions in the Total group since 1995. From 2003 he held the position of Vice President Corporate Planning & Business Development for Total E&P Indonesia. In July 2006, he was appointed President & CEO of Total E&P Canada in Calgary. In September 2009, he was named the Vice President of the Caspian Area and Central Asia for TOTAL Exploration and Production. From July 1, 2010 he is appointed as Senior Vice-President, Continental Europe and Central Asia. Since January 1, 2015 appointed as Senior Vice-President, Europe and Central Asia.